Beanie Babies Official Club - BBOC Ty Collector

Beanie Babies Official Club - BBOC

Beanie Babies Official Club - BBOC

The Beanie Babies Official Club (BBOC) was announced by Ty in March, 1998. To become a member of the club, collectors had to purchase an Official Gold Membership Kit. Membership in the club permitted collectors to register and then order/purchase exclusive items available only to club members. The club came to a symbolic end on December 27, 2007 when Ty retired Clubby VIII, the last of the Clubby bears.

During the period the club was active, Beanie enthusiasts had opportunities to purchase a large variety of Clubby bears, membership kits, pins, coins, and limited edition Ty releases.

Clubby Bears
BBOC Coins
Limited Edition Cards
BBOC Member Exclusives


Last update - April 26, 2011

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