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Ellie (large size)
Ellie (large) - elephant - Ty Beanie Boos
Ty family: Beanie Boos
Style number: 36815
Variety: Large size
Animal: Elephant
Exclusive to: Justice Stores
Special category:  
Birthday: August 27
Introduction date: November 2014
Sold out:  
Height: 16 inches
ST generation(s): 4 (large)
TT generation(s): C1

When I stomp across the ground
It always makes a great big sound !

SWING TAG (inside)

Ellie (large) - swing tag inside

On November 27, 2014, a large version of Ellie appeared unannounced in the Ty online store with a listing that claimed Ellie (large) was "EXCLUSIVE VERY LIMITED." Serious Ty collectors generally watch for "Ty online exclusives but in this case, collectors who purchased from the Ty online store were to be sorely disappointed when their online "exclusive very limited version" arrived in the mail with a "Justice" exclusive swing tag attached.

Ellie listing in the Ty online store

Coincidentally, Ellie (large) also appeared unannounced in Justice retail stores about the same time as the Ty online store version. The Justice store price for Ellie was approximately five dollars less than the price Ty charged at its online site.