Ty Flippables

Ty Flippables

Flippables are plush animals covered with sequins. When you pet the sequins, they turn over to reveal a different color. The first three Flippables available for retail sale were the dinosaurs Crunch, Tremor and Stompy. They were available in regular and medium sizes.

Ty submitted a trademark application for the name "Flippables" on May 30, 2018. The first Flippables for sale in the U.S.A. showed up at the Learning Express in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Ty Warner delivers first U.S.A. shipment of Flippables

Ty Warner personally delivered the new Flippable sequin plush to the Learning Express store in Lake Zurich, Illinois on July 3, 2018. The first customer was Lizzie, who had Ty sign the first one sold in the U.S.A. Note - Photo used with permission of Learning Express Toys of Lake Zurich, Illinois.

The first overseas sightings of the Flippables were at the Toy Hub (store) in Scotland, and the Games Crusade store in North Yorkshire, UK, at the end of June 2018.