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Ty Girlz made their North American debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York, on February 11, 2007. Each Ty Girlz doll came with a unique scratch-off code that gave the doll's owner access to the tygirlz.com online virtual world.
Welcome to the Ty Girlz and Guyz section

The original Ty Girlz were 14-inch soft-sculpt dolls dressed in trend-setting fashions that could be mixed and matched. Each Girlz outfit was complete with earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In subsequent years, Ty marketed additional outfits (generally referred to as Threadz) for the Girlz.

The Girlz have soft, realistic hair that can be combed and styled. The Girlz are made by hand with fabric that feels skin soft. No plastics are used in the creation of Girlz. Wires were eventually added inside the Girlz, so they could be more easily posed.

Girlz today are not as tall as their predecessors. The outfits on new Girlz appear to be less intricate than the glitzy outfits worn by the original Girlz, but nonetheless, the Girlz still appear to have a wide appeal with children.

In February 2009, the first Ty Guyz doll, Totally Troy appeared on the scene. A male doll may not have been exactly what the toy market was waiting for. Ty has not released any new Ty Guyz.

Happily Retired
Happily retired Ty Girlz
Left to right: Beautiful Briana, Sassy Star pink lips, Dazzlin' Destiny,
Sassy Star blue lips, Rockin' Ruby blonde, Amazing Abbey and
Rockin' Ruby black hair.

Last update - September 2, 2010

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