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There are so many Japan exclusive commemorative and promotional Ty collectibles it is difficult to compile a credible comprehensive list. In lieu of a long listing that would be incomplete at best, tycollector.com is pleased to display a few representative samples we are privileged to have in our collection.

   2001 Signature Bear - Ty Store, Japan
   AI Motomachi - Ty Store, Japan
   Always - Roppongi Hills Ty Store, Japan, 3rd anniversary
   Always - BS Ocean exclusive
   America (blue) - gift set
   Baby Boy & Baby Girl - Simple Heart, Japan
   Bloom - Chou Store, Japan
   Classy - Sanyo all-star game, 2004
   Decade (purple) - Jaba inter-city
   Hanna - Japanese Special Olympics, Winter 2005
   Hanna (Simple Heart promotion) - Japan
   Happy Birthday - Roppongi Hills Ty Store, Japan, 2nd anniversary
   Hug-hug - Serrati House, Japan
   Joaquim - Alcott Ty Store, Japan
   June - Serrati House, Japan
   Nipponia - Ty Store, Japan
   Sakura (gift set) - Ty Store, Japan
   Sampson - Baystars game day, September 19, 2004
   September - Roppongi Hills Ty Store, Japan, 1st anniversary
   Smitten - Cherish Race for Life, 2006
   Stripey (key-clip) - WWF, Spring 2009, Chou Store, Japan
   TANAHAIRKU! (Spring Bride) - Seratti House, Malaysia
   Tux - penguin - I Love Kobe
   Yokohama - Jyuroujin - Japan

   Top Dog - Simple Heart limited edition

   Snow Angel - Mitsukoshi, Japan

   Flakes - Seratti House, December 2006
   Icecaps - Seratti House, December 2006

   Dazzler - Yosakoi Festival, Kochi, Japan, 2005

Last update - July 5, 2014

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