For your information Ty Collector Plush Wishlist

Ty plush collectibles like Beanie Babies that we purchase must be mint/museum quality with mint swing and tush tags. Items generally valued at more than $50 must have been authenticated by either Becky Estenssoro, Peggy Gallagher or PBBAGS. We will not purchase items that have a noticeable odor.

Beanie Babies Style Number
  #1 the Bear none
  Baldy (name ALL CAPS on swing tag) 4074
  Blue (Blue's Clues) (with USPS swing tag) 40344
  Chef Robuchon 47045
  Chip (name ALL CAPS on swing tag) 4121
  Coral Casino none
  Employee Bear (green ribbon) none
  Employee Bear (red ribbon) none
  Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty (I Love Japan) 46256
  Hong Kong Toy Fair 2010 none
  Hong Kong Toy Fair 2017 - magenta color  
  Hong Kong Toy Fair 2017 - tan color  
  Hong Kong Toy Fair 2019   
  Jolly (name ALL CAPS on swing tag) 4082
  Libearty (birthdate says "Summer Olympics 1996") 4057
  M.C. Beanie (with a brown nose) 4997
  Mitya (2017 Kids Russia Toy Fair) none
  Nanook (name ALL CAPS on swing tag) 4104
  Nip (white face, pink whiskers) 4003
  Peking 4013
  Quacker (wingless) 4024
  Quackers (wingless) 4024
  Roary (McDonalds appreciation swing tag) 4069
  Shasta (with FTD swing tag) 40070
  Zip (white face, magenta whiskers) 4004
Teeny Tys Style Number
  Chaser XI (Canada) 42271
  Chaser XIV (Denmark)  42274
  Chaser XV (UK) 42275
  Chaser XVII (Finland) 42277
  Chaser XIX (Germany) 42279
  Chaser XXI (Hungary) 42281
  Chaser XXIV (Italy) 42284
  Chaser XXV (Japan) 42285
  Chaser XXVII (The Netherlands) 42287
  Chaser XXVIII (Norway) 42288
  Chaser XXIX (Poland)  42289
  Chaser XXXII (Spain) 42292
  Chaser XXXIII (Sweden)  42293
TY Flippables Style Number
  Billionaire 18 (bear)   
Beanie Buddies Style Number
  Millennium (swing tag signed by Ty) 9325
Baby Ty Style Number
  Baby Tiptop (pink) 31029
  Baby Whiffer (blue) 31026
  Baby's First Bear (blue) 31042
  Baby's First Bear (pink) 31041
  Cuddle Bunny (pink) 34502
  PJ Bear (large green) 31202
  PJ Bear (large yellow) 31201
  PJ Bear (medium blue) 31101
  PJ Bear (medium green) 31103
  PJ Bear (medium yellow) 31102
  PJ Bear (small blue) 31000
Pluffies Style Number
  Tubby 3232
Attic Treasures Style Number
  Henry Gold (blue or red ribbon) 6005
  Woolie Brown (red ribbon) 6012
Beanie Boppers Style Number
  Paisley Payton 0241
  Striker (white shoes) 0105
McDonalds/Ty promotions Style Number
  Pin (1997) "I survived the attack of the Teenie
  Beanie Babies"
  Media Kit (1997)  
  Employee Catalog (1998) Ty promotional items
  employees could order
Ty retail catalogs & flyers Style Number
  1987 Retail Catalog/flyer  
  1988 Retail Dealer Catalog  
  1992 Retail Dealer Catalog  
  1993 Retail Dealer Catalog  
  2003 Ty Field Representative Catalog  
  2006 Retail Dealer Catalog  
  2007 Ty Field Representative Catalog  

Last update - May 23, 2019

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