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June 24 - Beanie Babies Beshte, Baby Ty Bumpkin, Bubbles, Princess, Banana and Bundles

June 19 - Beanie Babies Cruz Ramirez, Hero Lightning McQueen and Mater  

June 13 - 2017 McDonalds/Ty Teenie Beanie Boo promotion

June 4 - Beanie Boos Inky, Nanook Nanuq, Harriet, Cara, Cara (clip) and Butter

May 19 - Attic Treasures Puffin, Bunni, Velvet, Puffin (medium), Bunni (medium) & Velvet (medium)

May 4 - Beanie Babies Larry and Richie, Beanie Boo clips Aria, LeeAnn, George, Sydney, Pierre, Tala, Gilbert, Boris and Owen

April 25 - Baby Ty Lullaby, Penny, Twinkles and Gracie and Beanie Buddy Spider-Man. Changed status of the Baby Ty product line from "retired" to "active."

April 19 - Beanie Boos Isla, Aqua and Valor. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

February 26 - Beanie Boos Tala, Twinkle, LeeAnn, Bubby, Maple, Bubby (medium), Bubby (clip), George, Twinkle (medium), Twinkle (clip) and Flippy

February 24 - Teeny Tys Chaser II (Germany), Chaser IV (Spain), and Chaser V (UK)

February 9 - Beanie Boos Nugget, Piper and Violet

January 23 - Beanie Boos Gilbert, Owen, Sami (medium), Honey Bun, Rainbow (medium), Pierre, Kipper, Owen (medium), Gilbert (medium), Rainbow, Sami (clip), Rainbow (clip) and Darla (clip)

January 22 - Beanie Boo George (medium)

January 20 - Beanie Boos Darla (large), Cinder (large), Dotty (large), Tracey (large), Sami (large), Kiki (large), Owlette (large), and Classic Pongo (large)

January 14 - Teeny Tys Chaser VIII (Australia)

January 11 - Teeny Tys Billionaire 16

January 8 - Teeny Tys Hello Kitty (pink), Hello Kitty (rainbow leopard), Buddy, Chloe, Duke, Gidget, Max, Mel, Snowball, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael

January 3, 2017 - Beanie Boos Sugar (medium), Honey Bun (medium), Valentina, and Sugar,    Beanie Babies Iron Man, Captain America and Buttercup

Last update - June 24, 2017

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