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October 16 - Beanie Boos Gilda (medium), Penelope (medium), Mandy (medium) and Saffire (medium)

October 15 - Beanie Boos Aqua (medium), Flippy (medium), Beaks (medium), Dexter (medium) and Bella (medium)

September 17 - Beanie Boos Merlin, Merlin (clip), Merlin (medium), Scream, Scream (medium), Dart, Dart (medium), Skelton, MummyMummy (clip), Jack and Darcy

September 12 - Beanie Boos Twiggy (clip), Pixy (clip), Tamoo and Skelton (medium)

September 3 - Ty Gear Owlette (backpack), Kiki (backpack) and Dotty (purse), Beanie Boos Piggley (2017 version) and Pixy (both versions)

August 27 - Beanie Boos Aqua (clip), Flippy (clip), Frost, Mandy. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value table.

August 23 - Beanie Boos Creeper, Mask, Hairy, Scream (clip), Mask (clip), Seeker and  Beastie

August 13 - Mini Boo Duke

July 23 - Mini Boos Bamboo, Coconut, Dotty, Fantasia, Icy, Kiki, Leona, Pinky, Safari, Sammy, Slush and Waddles. New Mini Boos Collectibles section.

July 16 - Beanie Babies Fabulous Lightning McQueen (Cars 3), Minnie (cheerleader), Ash (Sing), Johnny (Sing), Rosita (Sing), Gunter (Sing), Meena (Sing), Mike (Sing), Norman (The Secret Life of Pets), Sweetpea (The Secret Life of Pets), Union Jack Peppa, Libearty, Beanie Boos Buzby, Izzy, Gabby, Gilda, Pixy, Pixy (medium), Twiggy, Twiggy (medium), Piggley (2017 version), Beaks and Beanie Buddy Teddy (Mr. Bean). Front and back covers for the Spring, Summer and Fall 2017 Ty retailer catalogs.

July 7 - Beanie Boos Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Sky, Zuma, Beanie Babies Carl, Dave, Jerry, Mel, Tim, Tom and Fluffy

June 24 - Beanie Babies Beshte, Baby Ty Bumpkin, Bubbles, Princess, Banana and Bundles

June 19 - Beanie Babies Cruz Ramirez, Hero Lightning McQueen and Mater  

June 13 - 2017 McDonalds/Ty Teenie Beanie Boo promotion

June 4 - Beanie Boos Inky, Nanook Nanuq, Harriet, Cara, Cara (clip) and Butter

May 19 - Attic Treasures Puffin, Bunni, Velvet, Puffin (medium), Bunni (medium) & Velvet (medium)

May 4 - Beanie Babies Larry and Richie, Beanie Boo clips Aria, LeeAnn, George, Sydney, Pierre, Tala, Gilbert, Boris and Owen

April 25 - Baby Ty Lullaby, Penny, Twinkles and Gracie and Beanie Buddy Spider-Man. Changed status of the Baby Ty product line from "retired" to "active."

April 19 - Beanie Boos Isla, Aqua and Valor. Updated the Princess Beanie Baby value guide.

February 26 - Beanie Boos Tala, Twinkle, LeeAnn, Bubby, Maple, Bubby (medium), Bubby (clip), George, Twinkle (medium), Twinkle (clip) and Flippy

February 24 - Teeny Tys Chaser II (Germany), Chaser IV (Spain), and Chaser V (UK)

February 9 - Beanie Boos Nugget, Piper and Violet

January 23 - Beanie Boos Gilbert, Owen, Sami (medium), Honey Bun, Rainbow (medium), Pierre, Kipper, Owen (medium), Gilbert (medium), Rainbow, Sami (clip), Rainbow (clip) and Darla (clip)

January 22 - Beanie Boo George (medium)

January 20 - Beanie Boos Darla (large), Cinder (large), Dotty (large), Tracey (large), Sami (large), Kiki (large), Owlette (large), and Classic Pongo (large)

January 14 - Teeny Tys Chaser VIII (Australia)

January 11 - Teeny Tys Billionaire 16

January 8 - Teeny Tys Hello Kitty (pink), Hello Kitty (rainbow leopard), Buddy, Chloe, Duke, Gidget, Max, Mel, Snowball, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael

January 3, 2017 - Beanie Boos Sugar (medium), Honey Bun (medium), Valentina, and Sugar,    Beanie Babies Iron Man, Captain America and Buttercup

Last update - October 16, 2017

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