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Billionaire 16
Billionaire 16 - bear - Teeny Tys
Ty family: Teeny Tys
Style number: None
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to: Ty employees
Special category: Billionaire bears
Birthday: None
Introduction date: December 2016
Off order:  
Length: 3.75 inches
ST generation(s): 1 (special)
TT generation(s): C1 (special single tag)
Theme: Billionaire bears

SWING TAG POEM (left, inside)
Here's a special Teeny for you
A deserving gift from me to you
The hard work that you do all day
Has made Ty #1 today !

SWING TAG (inside and back)

Billionaire 16 - inside

Billionaire 16 - swing tag back

TUSH TAG (front and back)

Billionaire 16 - tush tag front   Billionaire 16 - tush tag back

The first 15 Billionaire Bears given out only to Ty employees were all Beanie Babies. Billionaire 16 is the first non-Beanie Baby Billioinaire bear.


Billionaire 16 - bottom   Billionaire 16 - Teeny Tys