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Almost all Ty products have a swing tag (also known as a hang tag or heart tag) attached to their ear or other appendage with a plastic connector. There are different styles of swing tags for each Ty product family with some of the families spanning multiple generations of tags.

When a collector refers to the "generation" of a Ty collectible, it is actually a reference to the generation of the attached swing tag. A logical assumption is that (in most cases) the earlier the generation of the swing tag within a family of products; the older (and probably more valuable) the collectible.

The logic for determining the specific generation of a swing tag can differ from expert to expert and reference publication to publication.

Ty plush products also have a cloth tush tag sewn into a seam, normally on their rear end. As with swing tags, there are different generations of tush tags.
Angeline tags Beanie Kids tags
Attic Treasure tags Lil' Ones tags
Baby Beanies tags Monstaz tags
Baby Ty tags Peek-A-Boos tags
Basket Beanie tags Pillow Pals tags
Beanie Baby tags Pinkys tags
Beanie Ballz tags Pluffies tags
Beanie Boos tags Punkies tags
Beanie Boppers tags Teenie Beanie Babies tags (McDonalds)
Beanie Buddies tags Teenie Beanie Boos tags (McDonalds)
Ty Classic/Plush tags Teenie Beanie Boppers tags
Ty Frizzys tags Teeny Tys tags
Ty Girlz tags Valenteenie Beanie tags
Halloweenie Beanies tags Wild Wild Best tags
Jingle Beanies tags  
Last update - April 25, 2017

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