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The popularity of Ty's Beanie Babies motivated entrepreneurs to produce a variety of Ty-related products or adaptations. The legal department at Ty Inc. had (and still has) a reputation for fiercely defending the corporation's legal copyrights and trademarks. As such, many non-approved, Ty-related items were taken off the market due to legal action by Ty Inc.

Notwithstanding the fact that some of the products on the following list infringe or violate Ty copyrights or trademarks, they do reflect the phenomenon of the "Beanie craze." Neither tycollector.com or its owners/designers endorse or approve any of the products on this list  that are not legally licensed by Ty Inc. They are presented solely for purposes of historical reference.

Beanie Babies 1999 Collector's Calendar (unofficial)
Beanie Baby charms
Beanie Baby license plates
Beanie Baby lithograph
Beanie Baby music box
Beanie Baby music CDs
Beanie Baby quartz clock
Beanie Baby tote bag
Beanie Baby traffic signs
Board game - The Beanie Chase
Boo-themed, Ty licensed products
Coffee mug
Display case
Gold-plated BBOC coin
Marbles - "I Love My Beanie Babies"
MasterPieces Puzzle Company Jigsaw Puzzles
Pendant, key-chain - I Love Beanies
Plush Animal (jigsaw) Puzzle in Collectable Tin
Pottery jar - "Beanie Money"
Tina Tate Bears
Videos on VHS

Last update - November 2, 2015

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