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2. is provided as an educational resource for visitors who collect or have an interest in any of the Ty Inc. product lines.

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4. Information at this site has been acquired from numerous hardcopy print and online sources. Every effort is made to identify sources of information and other data on the Appreciation and Credits page. Although information at the site is checked and double-checked, it is entirely possible there are errors in the reference data. Mistakes could be typographic errors (in the case of dates, tags, etc.), or substantive errors originally contained in other data resources. Please feel free to notify us of any data errors at the site and we will gladly (and thankfully) make the necessary corrections when the new information can be confirmed.

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6. We welcome contributions of photos and graphics of Ty collectibles for items we don't already have in the collection, with the understanding that we do not pay for photos. The contributor must be the creator or legal owner of the photos. Publication (to include duration of posting) at is at the sole discretion of the site manager. Unless a contributor requests otherwise, will post byline credit for photos, graphics and other donated material. Contributions of photos, graphics or other work can not be credited in any manner that would infer or constitute an endorsement of a commercial (for-profit) product, business or enterprise.

7. is a non-profit education project and as such does not link to commercial (for-profit) sites on the Internet unless those sites provide (in our opinion) significant reference resources related to Ty products, or they offer important services for collectors such as Beanie Baby or other Ty collectibles authentication.

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Photograph at top of this page by Saxon Richardson, cinematographer.

Sondra & Leon - August 2014

Sondra and Leon Schlossberg

A factual documentary film about the Beanie Baby bubble, including appearances by Sondra & Leon Schlossberg, was released near the end of 2022 on selected pay-per-view media outlets. In early 2023, the documentary was released for free viewing by Amazon Prime members. Check out this fun and informative documentary.