Ty Angeline dolls

Ty Angeline Dolls

Angeline is an angel doll introduced by Ty in March 2005. She tells her story in the book, A Story of Love. The book is included with each Angeline (except the key-clip versions) or available separately in a larger hardbound version. Angeline is the only Ty product line that features only a single character.

Angeline is dressed in either the original blue gown, a pink gown for Valentine's Day, a red gown for the Christmas holidays, or a yellow gown for Spring.

She is available in various sizes from the large 16-inch Holiday, Valentine and Spring versions, to a small key-clip version. Some versions are sold in an open box.

An interesting detail about the Angeline line is that the color of her clothing on the front cover of the attached book matches the color of the clothing she actually wears.

On March 22, 2013, Ty Inc. cancelled its trademark on the "Angeline" name.