Attic Treasures Family

Ty Attic Treasures

The Attic Treasures product line was introduced in 1993 with an initial release of 12 animals. The original 12 were designed by Linda Harris, Ruth Fraser and Ty Warner. Attic Treasures designed by Nola Hart began to appear in 1994. Attic Treasures are popular with collectors because they resemble the stuffed animals many collectors remember from their own childhoods.

The original Attic Treasures were made with textured fur. Most of them had moveable heads, arms and legs. Many also had clothing and/or accessories that ranged from a simple ribbon to sweaters, vests, jackets and even full outfits (including hats). The original Attic Treasure family was retired by the end of January, 2003.

There are just under 240 different Attic Treasure names from the original line, but that doesn't mean there are only 240 different Attic Treasures. Ty produced many of them with different variations. That makes Attic Treasure collecting an interesting and challenging hobby. An Attic Treasure with any particular name may come in different sizes, or with different clothing and accessories, or even with different body colors or styles. If you intend to collect all the different varieties, you'll need space for 450 or more.

From 1995 to 1998, Attic Treasures were labeled Ty Collectibles on the swing tag but the name changed back to Attic Treasures when the 7th generation swing tags appeared.

On January 14, 2017, Ty filed a U.S. trademark request for "Attic Treasures." Based on the application, it appeared Ty was reintroducing the Attic Treasures product line. In March 2017, a popular Ty product retailer began pre-selling various new Attic Treasures and in April 2017, three new Attic Treasure rabbits in two sizes (each) appeared for sale in Learning Express stores. A few weeks later, two versions of the newly introduced Attic Treasures appeared for sale in the Ty online store. The Attic Treasures product line is back.

The new Attic Treasures introduced in 2017 do not have jointed/moveable heads, arms or legs.

Left to right (above) - Puffin, Bunni & Velvet

In March 2018, Ty applied for a trademark on the name "Ty Cuddlys". In the Fall 2018 Ty Retailer Catalog, the new style Attic Treasures that had been introduced in 2017 are now listed as Ty Cuddlys. The first few items to ship from the Fall 2018 "Cuddlys" section of the catalog however, still had Attic Treasures swing tags.

In June 2019, the new style "Attic Treasures" that had been introduced in 2017 began to show up on retail shelves with Ty Cuddlys swing tags. The Spring 2019 Ty Retailer Catalog no longer lists "Attic Treasures" items. The Ty Attic Treasures product line has been moved back to the "Retired" category at