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Ty Baby Beanies

Ty Baby Beanies were introduced October 1, 2009, as a new Ty product line. There was some initial confusion about which family these Beanies belonged to because they were listed under the Jingle Beanie category at the Ty Internet site.

Since Jingle Beanies are supposed to jingle and these do not, we categorized Baby Beanies as a new Ty product line, just the way they were labeled on the front of their swing tags. When the Baby Beanies 2nd generation tush tags appeared in October 2011, they showed the phrase "The Baby Beanies Collection" above the logo on the front of the tush tag.

The first six members of this family made their appearance in October 2009. Their names were (left to right) Tinsel, Snowcap, Divine, Alpine, Yummy, and Stripes.

Six new Baby Beanies joined the family in 2010, followed by another five in 2011. In 2012, five new Baby Beanies showed up on retailer shelves. Two of the 2012 Baby Beanies were sold only in Walgreens stores but did not have "Walgreens" exclusive swing tags. In subsequent years there were more new Baby Beanies available only in Walgreens without the "Walgreens exclusive" swing tags.

There were five new Baby Beanies again in 2013, but 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 saw only three new Baby Beanies in each of those years.

Through the year 2014, each Baby Beanie had a sewn-in loop near its neck so it could be hung as a decoration or attached to packages and gifts. In 2015, the Baby Beanies came with plastic clips instead of the loops.

There were no new Baby Beanies (with the Babie Beanies swing tag) released after 2017. Tycollecor.com moved the Baby Beanies product line into the "retired" category at the end of 2019, notwithstanding the fact that Ty no longer releases official retirement announcements.