Ty Beanie Bellies

Ty Beanie Bellies

In July 2021, Ty surprised collectors with a new style of Beanie Baby by announcing eight of them in the Fall 2021 Ty Retailer catalog. The new style shipped to retailers in December 2021. They all had "Beanie Babies" swing tags. Near the end of that month Ty filed a trademark application for the name "Beanie Bellies." He advertised the new style on the Ty Internet site as "Beanie Bellies."

The original eight Beanie Bellies were Ace (style 40544), Clawdia (style 40546), Duncan (style 40549), Miso (style 40548), Mitzi (style 40539), Skylar (style 40547), Wilfred (style 40596) and Ying (style 40542).

The new style Beanie Babies (Bellies) are soft, slouchy and cuddly. They have embroidered paws. When you squeeze a Beanie Bellie's tummy, it hugs your finger with its arms. Ty introduced 13 more Beanie Babies in the new "Bellies" style in the Spring 2022 Ty retailer catalog.

In mid 2022, Ty officially spun off the "Bellies" style of Beanie Babies into its own separate product line with a new swing tag that showed "Beanie Bellies" on the front of the tag and "The Beanie Bellies Collection" on the inside of the tag.

Beanie Bellies 1st generation swing tag - front Beanie Bellies 1st generation swing tag - inside

In January 2023, Ty started shipping clip-size versions of the Beanie Bellies.

In October 2023, Ty started shipping medium size versions of the Beanie Bellies.