Ty Beanie Baby Official Club - BBOC

BBOC Membership Kits

Official Membership Kit, First Edition (1998)

BBOC Gold Membership Kit

The first membership kit was introduced on March 21, 1998 at beaniebabyofficialclub.com. Ty produced the membership kits in partnership with Cyrk Inc., a promotional marketing company. The kits retailed for $9.99 in the USA. This kit is frequently referred to as the "BBOC Gold Membership Kit" because it included a gold-colored card with a unique membership number. Members could visit the club Internet site to purchase promotional items including the Clubby Beanie Baby Bear or Buddy, available only to members.

The First Edition kit was officially retired on December 23, 1998. At that time, club members were informed they had until March 15, 1999 to order the Clubby Beanie Baby bear, after which he would be retired.

The Gold Kit contains | view photographs

1. Accordion style, paper carrying case with a plastic handle.
2. Official Charter Membership card.
3. Post card application form for an official club certificate.
4. Beanie Babies Official Newsletter.
5. Official Beanie Babies Checklist.
6. 136 Official Beanie Babies Stickers.
7. "Do Not Disturb" door knob hanger.
8. A free Beanie Babies "Natural Environments" poster was included with (not in) the kit. It was intended to be used with the Beanie Baby stickers.

Platinum Membership Kit (1999)

Information to be added soon.

The Platinum Kit contains | view photographs

1. Vinyl & plastic case with cloth carrying handle.
2. Clubby II Beanie Baby.
3. Official Club Platinum Edition Membership card.
4. Gold or silver (colored) 1.5-inch coin.
5. Packet of three Platinum Membership Collector's Cards.
6. Official Beanie Babies Pocket Checklist.
7. Official Beanie Babies Newsletter.

Clubby III Membership Kit (2000)

Information to be added soon.

The Clubby III Membership Kit contains | view photographs

Clubby IV Membership Kit (2001)

Information to be added soon.

The Clubby IV Membership Kit contains | view photographs

Color Me Bear Membership Kit (2002)

The BBOC Membership Kit for 2002 was different than the previous kits. It came in a plastic case that contained a Color Me Beanie bear, six color markers and a tri-fold BBOC membership application form. The form could also be used to order exclusive BBOC member products. The bears could be purchased with a blue, green, orange, pink, red or yellow ribbon. Coincidentally, those were the colors of the six markers included in the kit. The kit was introduced August 29, 2002, and officially retired on December 27, 2002.

NOTE: The registration form included in the box with the Color Me Beanie shows a BBOC exclusive 5-pin set available for members to order. The photo of the pin offering shows a Glory pin as one of the pins in the set, but Glory was not included when the pin sets were shipped to members. Instead, members received a Patriot pin that had a USA flag on either its left or right foot.

Color Me Beanie (bear) Membership Kit contents

BBOC Membership Kit (2003)

The BBOC Membership Kit for 2003 was a new variation on the previous year's Color Me Beanies. For 2003, there were four different Color Me Beanie Birthday Kits; a bear, a cat, a dog, and a unicorn.

Each of these Color Me Beanies came in a plastic case that also contained six color markers, a party hat that could be colored, a party horn and a BBOC membership application card. The bears came with one of five different color ribbons. The cat and dog came with collars and the unicorn didn't come with any neck decoration. The kit was introduced September 2, 2003, and officially retired on July 16, 2004.

Color Me Beanie (unicorn) Birthday kit contents

Various Color Me Beanie Birthday Kits

Snips - BBOC Membership Kit (2004)

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Bits - BBOC Membership Kit (2005)

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