Ty Beanie Baby Tags

Ty Beanie Baby Tags

Almost every Beanie Baby comes with a heart-shaped paper swing tag (sometimes called a hang tag or heart tag) attached with a plastic connector to its ear or other appendage. When a collector talks about the "generation" of a Beanie Baby, it is actually a reference to the generation of the swing tag attached to the Beanie. Ty is up to the 20th generation of Beanie Baby swing tags. As a general rule, the earlier the generation of the swing tag; the older (and generally more valuable) the Beanie Baby.

Regular Beanie Baby Swing Tags

Beanie Babies also have a small rectangular cloth tag sewn into one of their seams, normally on the bottom of the Beanie. This is commonly referred to as a tush tag. As with the swing tags, there are different generations of tush tags.

Regular Beanie Baby Tush Tags

Ty created custom swing tags and tush tags for some categories of Beanie Babies.

Special Beanie Baby Swing Tags
Special Beanie Baby Tush Tags