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1st generation Swing Tag Information and Variations

Boo swing tag - 1st generation - front

1st UK release (June 2009) with sticker covering the Ty Internet site URL.
This tag has also been seen with the sticker on the right side.
We have only seen the sticker on 1st UK release Boos sold in Germany.

Boo swing tag - 1st generation - inside Boo swing tag - 1st generation - back

1st UK release (June 2009) and 1st US version (October 2009)
(swing tag without URL coverup sticker)

Swing Tag inside - UK 1st release    Swing Tag back - UK 1st release

2nd UK release/version (October 2009)
Gosport address added on left side of tag.
Text and layout changed on back of tag.

Swing Tag inside - UK 2nd release  Swing Tag back - UK 2nd release

Last update - September 13, 2013

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