Ty Bow Wow Beanies

Ty Bow Wow Beanies

Ty introduced Bow Wow Beanies for dogs near the end of March 2006. That of course didn't stop the occasional cat from playing with these crinkly, stuffed toys; or the occasional human from collecting them.

Bow Wow beanies are made with a tough, chewable fabric. They also squeak and make crinkly noises when played with. Several Bow Wow Beanies are copies of regular Beanie Babies, but some are also made in the shape of bones (for old dogs who can't learn new habits).

Bow Wow Beanies were highly recommended for pet owners with dogs that liked to chew up the regular Beanie Babies in their collections.

By the end of 2012, most of the Bow Wow Beanies had been either retired or sold out and just a few remained in the Ty online store. The only way to obtain them now is on secondary markets like eBay.

Bow Wow Beanies do not have names on their swing or tush tags. Some show a name on their in-store cardboard mounting, but some don't have a name at all. Those without official names are identified by collectors according to their shape or fabric pattern.