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Ice Cream Scoop
Ice Cream Scoop - Ty Beanie Puzzle Erasers
Ty family: Beanie Eraserz / Erasers
Style number(s): 39120 - lime & orange
39121 - blueberry & raspberry
Object: Ice Cream Scoop
Exclusive to:  
Introduction date: September 2011
Off order: October 18, 2013
Height: 1 inch
Number of parts: 3
Theme: Food


Ice Cream Scoop comes in two different colors.

Ice Cream Scoop (blueberry & raspberry) - Ty Beanie Puzzle Erasers
Color: blueberry & raspberry
Style number: 39121
Introduced: September 2011

Ice Cream Scoop (lime and orange) - Ty Beanie Puzzle Erasers
Color: lime & orange
Style number: 39120
Introduced: September 2011


Ice Cream Scoop - packaging

Ice Cream Scoop pair - Ty Beanie Puzzle Erasers