Ty Fashion

Ty Fashion

The Ty Fashion product line includes several different types of products. The first Ty Fashion items available for retailers to order appeared in the Fall 2018 Ty Retailer Catalog. Retailers were able to order backpacks, purses, wristlet purses, slippers and slides.

Ty submitted a trademark application for the name "Ty Fashion" on March 14, 2018. The new Ty Fashion products began shipping to retailers in late August 2018. The first items to show up were backpacks and wristlet purses. Their design included flippable sequins.

In October 2018, the "Ty Fashion" purses shipped to retailers. The purses do not have a traditional Ty swing tag. They have a rectangular tag with "6 Ways To Wear" printed on the front side. The purses are designed with flippable sequins and come with adjustable straps that can be configured to facilitate wearing the purse/bag in different ways.

In early November 2018, the "Ty Fashion" slipper socks hit retail shelves. The first release of the slipper socks features six different Beanie Boo animals.

In 2020, Ty introduced additional Boo-themed "wearable" products that did not have "Ty Fashion" swing tags attached. Tycollector.com currently lists these new products; the Sock-A-Boos and non-medical fabric Boo face Masks under the "Ty Fashion" product line at the site. If a future Ty retailer catalog lists either of them as a new separate product line, we will create those sections at the site.