Ty Frizzys family

Ty Frizzys

Ty Frizzys were introduced in the Ty retailer catalog on July 1, 2014. This new Ty product line did not come as a complete surprise. Ty applied for a trademark on the name "Frizzys" on March 21, 2014. That same month, the "Frizzys" category appeared as a search category on the official Ty Internet site.

Frizzys have long fuzzy hair, the same as Frizzy, one of the last Monstaz produced. When you hold the creatures upside down and shake them, the hair fluffs up.

The first batch of six Frizzies shipped to retailers in September 2014. Their names are Fang, Kink, Lola, Plopsy, Scoops and Zinger.

No new Frizzys were introduced after July 2015. In June 2018, Ty removed the Frizzys category from the Ty online store. In June 2018, tycollector.com changed the Frizzys product line to "retired" status at the site.