Ty Girlz & Guyz family

Ty Threadz & Petz Packaging

Front and back of the regular & Justice exclusive Girlz Threadz packages

Ty Girlz packaging - front & back Ty Girlz Justice exclusive packaging - front & back

We have seen four different designs on the back of the Threadz packages. Note: The name "Loveable Lily" is incorrectly spelled on the fourth card.

Girlz Threadz packaging - back 1 Girlz Threadz packaging - back 2 Girlz Threadz packaging - back 3 Girlz Threadz packaging - back 4

The Treadz packages included a secret code to use online at the Ty Girlz Internet site.

Ty Girlz Threadz secret URL code revealed Ty Girlz Threadz secret URL code concealed

Ty Petz packaging front and back. The Petz package also includes a secret online code.

Ty Girlz Petz packaging front and back