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Marvelous Mariah

Marvelous Mariah - doll - Ty Girlz
Ty family:
Style number:
2234 and 2251
Product item:
Doll - girl
Intro date:
February 1, 2009
Retire date:
12 inches
ST gen(s):
Ty Girlz 1
TT gen(s):



1. Marvelous Mariah was originally released as Marvelous Malia, as a pair with another Ty Girlz named Sweet Sasha. The original Girlz had the same first names as President Obama's two young daughters. A controversy ensued that caused Ty Inc., to retire the original names Malia and Sasha; and rename the Girlz Mariah and Sydney. The design of the Girlz did not change, only their names.

2. Marvelous Mariah was also produced as one of the Ty Li'l ones.

3. Marvelous Mariah was also sold in a style #2251 package that included a hat and Bo the dog. The Marvelous Mariah Li'l one is included in the picture for a size comparison.

Marvelous Mariah trio

4. Marvelous Mariah and Sweet Sydney were released at the same time.

Sweet Sydney and Marvelous Mariah Mariah and Sydney

5. Shortly after the release of Marvelous Mariah, she was also sold with an American flag attached to her sleeve. We do not know if this was an original promotion from Ty, or added later by a retailer.

Sweet Sydney and Marvelous Mariah with US flags


Marvelous Mariah close-up