Ty Halloweenie Beanies collection

Ty Halloweenie Beanies

The first Halloweenie Beanies came out to haunt everyone on August 30, 2004. Since their introduction, new Halloweenie Beanies have appeared every year except 2009 and 2017. The Fall 2017 Ty Retailer Catalog showed two Halloweenie Beanies (Mummy & Mask), but those ended up being produced and sold with "Beanie Boos" tags. There were two Halloweenie Beanies released in 2018, and four in 2019. Two of the Halloweenie Beanies released in 2019 were CVS exclusives. One of the other two general retail Halloweenies for 2019 (Echo, style 35226) came out with a Beanie Boos swing tag instead of the Halloweenie Beanies swing tag. This was probably a mistake made at the Ty production facilities as Echo was listed in the Fall/Winter Ty retailer catalog as a Halloweenie Beanie.

Halloweenie Beanies are similar to Jingle Beanies. They are designed with loops so they can be hung as decorations. In 2004, the loops were made of ribbon, but for subsequent years they were made of string. 2015 was the first year that Ty gave the Halloweenie Beanies plastic clips instead of loops. Halloweenie Beanies make great little gifts to drop in the kids' trick-or-treat bags on Halloween.

As of December 12, 2023, Ty has not introduced any new Halloweenie Beanies since June 2019. Accordingly, we have moved this product line into the "retired" category at tycollector.com.