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There are three variations of the Beanie Kids 1st generation swing tag. Some collectors consider these to be three different generations of the swing tag, but the changes are so minimal that we categorize these as "versions" of the 1st generation tag. Our policy is to designate a new swing tag generation only when there is an obvious design and/or major color change to the front of an existing generation of swing tag for any particular product line. The variations of color in the Beanie Kids swing tags appear to be caused more by inconsistencies in the printing process than an intentional design or color change.

  • Version 1 - The last "E" in BEANIE is a dark navy color, and the thickness of the font is slightly smaller than the thickness of the fonts used on the Version 2 and 3 tags. This tag is believed to have been attached to the Ty Beanie Kids shipped to the first 20 retailers who received them. It is estimated that only 480 of the kids were shipped with this version of the swing tag.

  • Version 2 - The last "E" in BEANIE is light blue. This tag was on Ty Beanie Kids shipped to retailers after the first 20 retailers received their shipments.

  • Version 3 - The last "E" in BEANIE changed to a purple blue color.

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