Ty Li'l Ones doll family

Li'l Ones Tags & Markings

Li'l Ones do not come with traditional Ty swing tags or tush tags. Instead, each doll has a Ty Heart logo molded into the bottom of one of her shoes. Component parts of the dolls are also embossed with identifying marks.

Ty logo on underside of shoe

Each doll in the introductory/initial group was packaged in a pink box. The box is 5.75 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 1.375 inches deep. The Li'l Ones dolls are approximately 4.5 inches tall.

Ty Li'l Ones box - front & back
Li'l Ones box - left & right sides
Li'l Ones box - top & bottom

The Li'l Ones introduced on January 1, 2011 arrived in a redesigned box. The back of the redesigned box shows all 14 of the Li'l ones released in the USA up to that time.

Ty Li'l Ones January 2011 box - front & back
Ty Li'l Ones January 2011 box - top & bottom
Ty Li'l Ones January 2011 box - sides