Ty Puffies

Ty Beanie Balls

(formerly "Ty Puffies")

Ty submitted a trademark application for the name "Ty Puffies" on September 27, 2019. In January 2020, the first nine Puffies were introduced in the Ty retailer catalog.

In late March 2020, some of the first Puffies went on sale at retail stores in the UK, followed shortly by retail stores in Germany. In early June 2020, Ty started selling the Puffies in his online store.

Puffies are weighted at the bottom so they (almost) always land on their feet when thrown or played with. If the Ty Puffies remind you of the discontinued Beanie Ballz product line, you're not alone.

In late summer 2020, Halloween and Christmas Puffies appeared for sale in Europe. USA retailers were informed by Ty Inc. they would not be able to order those items because of shipping and warehouse issues attributable to the COVID pandemic.

In 2022, Ty changed the name of the Puffies product line to Beanie Balls. The Beanie Balls look similar in design to the original Ty Beanie Ballz (note the difference in the last letter of the name), but the Beanie Balls are not a continuation of the now retired Beanie Ballz product line.