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Sluggin' Steve (Seattle Mariners Stadium exclusive)

Sluggin' Steve (sports promotion) - doll - Ty Teenie Beanie Boppers
Ty family:
Teenie Beanie Boppers
Style number:
Product item:
Baseball player doll
Exclusive to:
Seattle Mariners
Special category:
MBNA sports promotion
Stadium / Arena:
Safeco Field
Seattle Mariners
Baltimore Orioles
Score / Winner:
13 to 1 / Mariners
Game date:
August 30, 2003
ST gen(s):
TT gen(s):
TY/MBNA Credit Card, Baseball

SWING TAG (inside)

Sluggin' Steve - swing tag inside - image available soon


August 30, 2003 was the first day of a Ty/MBNA credit card promotion that ran at the Seattle Mariners stadium until December 30, 2004. Fans who applied for a Ty MBNA credit card account at the stadium during that period received Sluggin' Steve.

GAME TICKET (front & back)

Sluggin' Steve - game ticket front & back - image available soon