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"Origiinal" & "Suface" Swing Tag Errors

When Ty started using the new 5th generation Beanie Baby swing tags in 1998, some of the tags had spelling errors. On the front of the swing tag (inside the yellow star), "ORIGINAL" was misspelled "ORIGIINAL" and on the back of the swing tag, "Surface" was misspelled "Suface".

The spelling errors were eventually corrected, and in the meantime, Ty placed a sticker on the back of the swing tags with the correct spelling "Surface Wash."

This spelling error was made on early 5th generation swing tags attached to Curly, Blackie, Ears, Floppity, Hippity, Hoppity, Peace, Roary, Squealer, Tuffy and Valentino.

Front of swing tag with misspelled word

Origiinal error tag - 5th generation Ty Beanie Babies

5th generation Beanie Baby swing tag - origiinal error

Sticker covering up the misspelled word "suface"

5th generation Beanie Baby swing tag - sticker covering up misspelled suface

Note about values: There is a common misconception that any error on a Ty swing tag dramatically increases its value. That is false. The "Origiinal" and "suface" tag errors only add two - three dollars to the value of a Beanie Baby that has one of these tags attached. The reason there is no dramatic increase in value is the fact that the tags are not rare. Value is tied in most cases to "rarity" and there were so many swing tags printed with these errors that they will never be rare.