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Becky Estenssoro

Becky Estenssoro is one of the undisputed, world-renowned authorities on Beanie Babies. She is a co-author/publisher of Beanie Mania - A Comprehensive Collector's Guide and the updated version Beanie Mania II. She is a co-publisher and editor of Beanie Mania magazine and the Beanie Mania Bulletin newsletter.

Along with Becky Phillips, she published a weekly Market Analysis and Pricing guide at the then popular (now discontinued) Internet site. The guide was widely regarded as the most authoritative secondary market price guide of its time and was relied upon by Beanie Baby collectors around the world.

Becky has been a guest speaker on many TV and radio talk and news shows across the USA, including Fox News, CBS news, Good Morning Texas, CNN, WGN, KHKS-Dallas, and the Ronn Owens Show.

She has been featured in numerous publications including Time Magazine, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Collecting Figures Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Morning News. She attended collector's trade shows across the USA and gave seminars on Beanie Baby collecting.

Today, Becky Estenssoro owns and operates one of the two remaining Beanie Baby authentication services deemed credible by Ty collectors worldwide. She offers her authentication service online at Becky's True Blue Beans.

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Beanie Mania II