Ty Collector

Pastel Baby Rags (pair)

Named by - Tina Tate
Date acquired - August 8, 2007
Purchased from - Tina Tate on eBay

Pastel Baby Rags (pair) - Tina Tate decorated Ty bear

Pastel Baby Rags (pair) - Tina Tate decorated Ty bear
Tina Tate's description

Her: I hand-made her longer dress with this darling white fabric that has letters all over it in pastel colors. the shorter dress I hand-made out of patchwork fabric. the white squares have the same pastel letters as her longer dress. I gave her a cute pair of pale pink heart cut out shoes.

Him: I hand made his shirt out of the same pastel letters fabric. I dressed him in this cute pair of lite blue denim overalls with the same pockets and cuffs at the bottom as his shirt. I gave him a cute pair of white tennis shoes.

For both of them I painted pastel letters all over them. I then added pastel Swarovski rhinestones. I decorated both of them with ribbons and pale pink roses. I made their hair out of pastel yarn.