Tina Tate's custom decorated Beanie Babies

Tina Tate Bears

Tina Tate began dressing and decorating Ty Beanie Babies in January 1998. She started with Halo and then moved on to the Color Me Beanie bears when those were introduced by Ty. The clothing, jumpers and hats Tina uses to dress the bears are her own patterns and original ideas. Each Tina Tate creation is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

When we discovered Tina Tate's bears on eBay, their intricate patterns, custom-designed clothing and incredibly precise detailing instantly won us over. We had seen other decorated Ty bears, but none as beautiful or as intricate as Tina's. It was our pleasure and privilege to purchase our first Tina Tate custom designed bear in July 2007. We continued to bid on and purchase those we could until February 2008, when Tina stopped selling them on eBay.

We were unable to obtain any additional information about Tina Tate after she stopped offering her bears at eBay. Thank you Tina, for brightening our days and our collection with your beautifully made and truly unique bears. They will always be counted among the most treasured works of art in our collection.