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MasterPieces Puzzle Company
Beanie Boo & Beanie Baby Jigsaw Puzzles


In March 2015, bloggers discovered a new line of jigsaw puzzles being sold on the Internet by MasterPieces Puzzle Company. These puzzles have Ty Beanie Boos and Ty Beanie Babies as themes.

Blogger Brendan Farina called the company to inquire as to whether or not they had a licensing agreement with Ty Inc., to produce the puzzles and the company representative he spoke with said the puzzles were legally licensed. We have not seen an official announcement from Ty Inc. about these jigsaw puzzles.

Beanie Boo's Glitter Puzzles

  Barnyard Club - style 11581
  Dream Club - style 11580
  Jungle Club - style 11579
  Ocean Club - style 11575

Beanie Babies Puzzles

  Jewel Kakeidoscope - Beanie Babies, 300-piece puzzle
  Find the Rare Bear - Peace Bear
  Find the Rare Bear - Princess Bear
  Sea Kaleidoscope - Beanie Babies, 300-piece puzzle

Last update - October 16, 2017

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