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Reasons to Collect Beanie Babies & Boos

1. Beanie Babies and Boos make excellent gifts. What else could you find as an adorable, long-lasting expression of your love, gratitude or friendship for under $10?

2. Beanie Babies and Boos don't cost anything to feed or clothe. They live on a simple diet of love. Some owners dress them up for fun, but a beanie's fur will keep it warm in temperatures well below freezing.

3. Beanie Babies and Boos never leave smelly surprises or wet spots on the floor, in your closet or in dark corners.

4. Almost all Beanie Babies and Boos are perfectly happy staying indoors. They don't need to go outside for exercise, fresh air, or to do their "business."

5. Beanie babies and Boos won't keep you awake at night with their crying, howling or whimpering. They fall asleep easily. In most cases you can't even tell when they're sleeping because they sleep with their eyes open. That is why most of them seem so relaxed. They get lots of sleep.

6. Beanie Babies and Boos get along well with each other, provided they don't have to share the same name. They never argue or fight, and enjoy cuddling up with their friends and relatives in confined spaces. They also feel comfortable in crowds so you won't have to banish them to their rooms when friends or relatives come to visit.

7. You never need to buy a cell phone for your beanie. Beanies don't understand technology and in reality, cell phones are just too large for most of them to handle, except for the Peek-A-Boos.

8. Beanie Babies and Boos don't talk about you or laugh at you behind your back. They don't make fun of children with acne, freckles, glasses, big feet or geeky clothes. Best of all, they don't unfriend people on Facebook.

9. Beanies and Boos are the greatest listeners in the world. They are totally nonjudgmental, understanding and they never interrupt someone who is talking. That makes Beanies and Boos great psychiatrists because they provide therapy for free in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

10. Beanie Babies and Boos don't break when you drop them.

More reasons to adopt Beanie Babies and Boos

11. Beanie Babies and Boos are environmentally friendly. They don't require batteries to operate and they are gluten-free. They can perform their primary function of keeping you company, chillin' or decorating your home without using any energy at all.

12. Beanie Babies and Boos are born with the full sum of their knowledge. You don't have to send them to school. That saves thousands of dollars in school clothes, dental insurance premiums, lunches and college tuition.

13. Beanie Babies and Boos can travel with you for free. Airlines don't charge your Beanie or Boo for an extra seat, and hotels don't surcharge for Beanies or Boos in your room. That makes them great travel companions.

14. If your Beanie Baby or Boo gets injured, you won't pay a fortune for its medical bills. The typical medical bill for an injured beanie is the cost of a needle, thread and sometimes a little super-glue.

15. Beanie Babies and Boos appear to have a natural immunity to most viruses. They don't get upset if they need to be quarantined because of exposure to an infected human. As long as they have some company in quarantine, they'll be happy.