Ty Wild Wild Best family

Ty Wild Wild Best Family

The Wild Wild Best product line was introduced at the Ty site on January 1, 2011, and started shipping to Ty authorized retailers in February 2011. The introduction included 14 animals. One of the 14 is a mole. This marks the first time Ty has produced a plush mole.

The fur used for the Wild Wild Best animals is made with a new Ty fabric. Markings like stripes, spots and other features are airbrushed directly onto the fur. The fur is very dense and extremely soft to the touch. The iris portion of the eyes shows a faint shimmer.

No two Wild Wild Best animals are the same because of the airbrushing method used to add their distinctive markings, stripes and spots.

When the Ty Spring 2012 retailer catalog appeared, the Wild Wild Best animals had been moved to the Classics product category. Ty authorized retailers and collectors alike believed this to be a printing error. When the smaller versions of the Wild Wild Best animals shipped in February 2012, they came with Classics swing tags. No formal announcement had been made by Ty, but the Wild Wild Best product line's name had apparently been discontinued. 2012 redesigns of the original large Wild Wild Best animals were now members of the Classics family of products.

Smaller versions of the original Wild Wild Best animals, now included in the Classics product line.