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Li'l Ones are miniature plastic versions of the popular Ty Girlz. The Li'l Ones are small enough to be carried in a book bag, purse, lunch box or shirt pocket. Ty shipped the first Li'l Ones to retailers in the USA in February, 2010. There were eight different dolls. Each doll came in a pink box that also included a miniature, plastic pet.

Beautiful Briana size comparison
Li'l Ones are approximately 4.5 inches tall, compared to their Ty Girlz sisters who are approximately 12 inches tall.

In June 2010, Ty released six of the original USA Li'l Ones in the UK, but some with different names.
Each doll came with a small, plastic hair brush.

UK Li'L Ones release in June 2010

Ty introduced six new Li'l Ones on January 1, 2011. They shipped to retailers in February of that year. This group of Li'l Ones included Ty Boos as pets as well as licensed characters Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Each doll also came with a small, plastic hair brush.

Ty Li'l Ones introduced January 1, 2011
Li'l Ones (left to right) Beautiful Bella, Hello Kitty, Sweet Sophia,
Pretty Peyton, Awesome Abby and Snoopy.

Ty Li'l Ones with licensed pets and themes
Ty Li'l Ones with licensed pets and themes.

In July 2011, more renamed Li'l Ones went on sale in Germany.

Li'l Ones packaging - versions sold in Germany

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