Ty Collector

#1 Bear (Ty representatives exclusive)

#1 Bear - Ty Beanie Babies - image available soon

Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
Exclusive to:
Ty representatives
Intro date:
December 12, 1998
Retire date:
December 12, 1998
ST gen(s):
TT gen(s):
Hershey's chocolate

SWING TAG PHRASE (inside left)

In appreciation of selling over
several Billion dollars during 1998
and achieving the industry ranking of ;
#1 in Gift sales, #1 in Collectable sales
#1 in Cash register area sales
#1 in Markup %
I present to you
This signed and
Numbered Bear !

SWING TAG (inside)

#1 Bear - swing tag inside - image available soon


1. #1 Bear was announced during the December 12-13, 1998 Ty sales conference at the Fairmount Hotel in Chicago. Each representative who attended the sales conference received a #1 Bear. Along with the #1 Bear, each Ty rep received Ty buttons, Ty pens, a Ty planning calendar, Ty mouse pad, coffee mug, Ty Polo shirt, Encyclo-beanie-a CD-ROM, The Collector’s Pocket Planner for Ty Beanie Babies, Collector’s Value Guide for Ty Beanie Babies, Collector’s Value Guide for Ty Plush Animals, and a My Beanie Baby binder.

253 #1 Bears were produced, each signed in red ink by Ty Warner.


#1 Bear - Ty Beanie Babies - image available soon


#1 Bear missing its chest emblem.

There are several different counterfeit versions of #1 Bear.

1. One version of the counterfeit has a scrunched up face and the "#1" on its chest is too far to the left.
2. The inside left side of an authentic swing tag has nine lines of text under the heading "The Beanie Babies Collection". If there are fewer lines of text, it is a counterfeit swing tag.
3. The inside right side of the swing tag on the authentic #1 Bear has a hand-written sequence number followed by the printed number of 253 (the total number produced).
4. Some counterfeit versions have incorrect information on the back of the swing tag. The correct version should reference the employee party held at the Fairmont hotel, December 11-14, 1998.
5. The tush tag on an authentic #1 Bear has the name written on one line, followed by the TM symbol. Some counterfeits have the name split into two lines of text, with "#1" on the first line and "Bear" on the second line.
6. The registration symbol should follow the word "Collection" not "Babies" on the inside left of the swing tag.
7. The authentic #1 Bear does not have a hologram-style tush tag.

NOTE: Considering the high value of this Beanie Baby, we advise collectors to ensure it has been authenticated by a credible authentication service prior to purchase and also that the #1 bear be in a sealed plastic case provided by the authenticator.