Ty Collector

Ai Motomachi
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Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 04628
Animal: Bear
Exclusive to: Ty store, Japan
Special category: Asia-Pacific 2003
Birthday: February 11, 2003
Introduction date: February 1, 2004
Retirement date: February 1, 2004
Height: 9 inches
ST generation(s): 11
TT generation(s): 12


Approximate translation of poem into English
From the island of Japan
Ai came to bring you a love
She will sing with joy
To make this land peace forever

Ai Motomachi was designed by Ty for the grand opening ceremony of the Minato Mirai railroad in Yokohama, Japan, on February 1, 2004. It was only available at the TY Motomachi store. 2000 of these bears were made with a special hang tag and a sweater with "Ty Staff" on the front; and the Motomachi emblem on the back. Buyers could purchase this special Beanie by itself or in a special plastic box with a Ty ribbon and decoration.