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Hello Kitty (Liberty, apple tree design, key-clip)
Hello Kitty (Liberty apple tree design, key-clip) - cat - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family: Beanie Babies
Style number: 46197
Variety: Liberty art fabrics
apple tree design
Animal: Cat
Exclusive to: Liberty, UK
Special category: Licensed
Birthday: November 1
Introduction date: October 2011
Retirement date:  
Height: 3.5 inches
ST generation(s): 18 UK
TT generation(s): 14 (small)
Theme: Hello Kitty

SWING TAG PHRASE (right side)
Hello Kitty was born on November
1st in London, England. Her
hobbies include Travel,
Music and Reading.

Hello Kitty is a fictional character designed by Yuko Shimizu, and produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty first appeared in 1975 on a vinyl coin purse in Japan.

There are four different sizes of Hello Kitty with the Liberty apple tree dress.
   Beanie Baby, style 46196
   Beanie Baby (key-clip), style 46197
   Beanie Buddy, style 96253
   Beanie Buddy (extra large), style 96254

Hello Kitty (Libert art fabric apple tree design) - set


Liberty art fabric, apple tree design close-up.
Liberty art fabric apple tree design close-up