Ty Collector


Humphrey photograph available soon
Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
May 19, 1994
Intro date:
June 25, 1994
Retire date:
June 15, 1995
ST gen(s):
1, 2, 3
TT gen(s):



Humphrey was the first Beanie Baby officially retired by Ty.


Humphrey with a rear leg sewn on backwards.

Counterfeit versions of Humphrey exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby:

1. The counterfeit version of Humphrey has a lighter shade of fur than the authentic version
2. The head on the counterfeit version has more of a barrel shape than the prominent forehead on the authentic version.
3. A genuine Humphrey never has two-tone eyes.
4. The ears on the counterfeit version are too small and farther down on the side of the head than on the authentic version.
5. The legs on the counterfeit version are thinner.
6. An authentic Humphrey's nose has a Y shape. Some counterfeits have the nose sewn as a verticle line.
7. The tush tag on an authentic version is black and white, and dated 1993. The authentic version never came with a red and white tush tag.
8. The 3rd generation swing tag on a counterfeit is made from a shiny, slick, orange-red card stock common to many of the counterfeits. The color on an authentic version is 100% red.
9. On the counterfeit swing tag, the red ink on the front bleeds into the white on the inside of the tag around the area where the hole is punched for the plastic swing tag connector.
10. A counterfeit Humphrey may have plastic pellets in its legs. The authentic version only has the pellets in its body; not in the legs.