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Maple - bear - Ty Beanie Babies - image available soon
Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
Exclusive to:
July 1, 1996
Intro date:
January 1, 1997
Retire date:
July 30, 1999
ST gen(s):
4, 5
TT gen(s):
3, 4, 5, 6


Maple the bear likes to ski
With his friends, he plays hockey.
He loves his pancakes and eats every crumb
Can you guess which country he's from ?


1. Maple was the first exclusive international bear.

2. Maple was originally named Pride. The name was changed to Maple before it was introduced to the public, but some of the Maple Beanie Babies were sold with the name Pride on the tush tag. The version with the Pride tush tag has a 4th generation swing tag.

3. According to Beanie Mania II, about 3,000 were made and distributed with the name Pride on the tush tag.


1. 1997 Special Olympics - Ty Canada donated 5,000 Maple Beanie Babies to the Canadian Special Olympics. During the Special Olympics Sports Celebrities Festival, these versions of Maple were sold with an additional circular tag attached. "Special Olympics Sports Festival" is printed on the front of the tag. The Special Olympics oath is printed on the back of the tag. This version with the Special Olympics tag was introduced in August 1997, and retired in December 1997.


1. Maple with an upside-down flag on its chest.
2. Maple (with a Pride tush tag) missing its eyes.
3. Maple with a Teddy tush tag.

Counterfeit versions of Maple exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby:

1. The fabric on the counterfeit is rough instead of velvety.
2. The head on the counterfeit is smaller and overstuffed, making it feel very hard.
3. The ears on the counterfeit are larger than the ears on the authentic version.
4. The eyes are closer together on the counterfeit version than the eyes on the authentic version.
5. The thread shaping the head on the counterfeit is so tight it crates a dimple under the chin. There is no dimple on the authentic version.
6. The ribbon on the counterfeit is too wide. It is 3/16 of an inch wide on an authentic Maple.
7. On some counterfeit versions the ribbon is sewn to the underside of the chin. The ribbon is free-moving on the authentic version.
8. Many counterfeit versions of Maple are missing the Canadian customs tush tag. Some counterfeit versions have the Canadian customs tush tag but there are grammar and spelling errors on the tag. Some counterfeit versions with the Canadian tush tag have French writing/text on the English side of the tag.
9. On the counterfeit version, the yellow star on the front of the swing tag is a darker, gold yellow. The authentic version has a star that is more of a sunshine yellow color.