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Peanut (royal blue)

Peanut (royal blue) - elephant - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
Royal blue
Intro date:
June 3, 1995
Retire date:
October 2, 1995
ST gen(s):
TT gen(s):


Peanut the elephant walks on tip-toes
Quietly sneaking wherever she goes
She'll sneak up on you and a hug
You will get
Peanut is a friend you won't soon forget!


Peanut with the royal blue color was the first version of Peanut. Shortly after Peanut shipped for retail sale, Ty Warner changed Peanut's dark blue fabric to a light blue color because he believed the light blue fabric would appeal more to children.

Counterfeit versions of Peanut (royal blue) exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby:

1. The counterfeit version is smaller than the authentic version.
2. The fabric on the counterfeit version is rough, with a longer nap.
3. The trunk on the counterfeit version is shorter than the trunk on the authentic version.
4. The ears are puckered on the counterfeit version. They are more smoothly sewn on the authentic version.
5. Peanut (royal blue) MUST have the copyright year 1995 on its tush tag. Peanut (royal blue) with ANY other year on its tush tag is a counterfeit.
6. The printing on the counterfeit's tush tag is bolder than the printing on the authentic versioin.
7. The tush tag on the counterfeit version is slightly wider than the tush tag on the authentic version.
8. Peanut (royal blue) must have a black and white tush tag. Some of the counterfeits have a red and white tush tag.

YouTube video Ty Beanie Baby Royal Blue Peanut - Fake vs Authentic

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