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Lefty - donkey - Ty Beanie Babies
Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
Exclusive to:
July 4, 1996
Intro date:
June 15, 1996
Retire date:
January 1, 1997
ST gen(s):
TT gen(s):
Republicans, Politics


Donkeys to the left, elephants to the right
Often seems like a crazy sight
This whole game seems very funny
Until you realize they're spending Your money!


1. Righty and Lefty were the first two Beanies to share a poem. They both have the same style number.

2. Righty is made with the same fabric as gray Happy (style 4061).

3. Righty was introduced during the year of a presidential election, and given the name Righty to honor the Republican party.


1. Righty with an upside down USA flag.
2. Righty missing the USA flag.
3. Righty with a Freckles tush tag.
4. Righty with a Quackers tush tag.
5. Righty with a Spike tush tag.
6. Righty with a Waddle tush tag.

Counterfeit versions of Righty exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby:

1. The counterfeit version fabric is rough. The color is an incorrect yellowish-gray. Next to the correct Righty, the counterfeit looks much darker gray.
2. The head on the counterfeit is smaller than the head on the authentic version.
3. The eyes on the counterfeit are positioned too far down on the trunk.
4. The tail on the counterfeit is too small and does not protrude far enough from the knot.
5. The counterfeit's ears are too large for its head.
6. The trunk on the counterfeit is square at the tip instead of round like the authentic version.
7. The trunk on the counterfeit is shorter than the trunk on the authentic version.
8. Inside the swing tag, the counterfeit shows "www.iy.com" instead of "www.ty.com".
9. Tush tag on the counterfeit is about 1/16th inch wider than the tush tag on an authentic version.
10. Print on the inside of the counterfeit Righty's swing tag is smeared and lighter than the printing in the authentic tag.
11. The front of the counterfeit's swing tag has "Original Beanie Baby" very pale in appearance.
12. On the front of the counterfeit swing tag, the gold around the red heart is burnished instead of bright and shiny, and is thicker than the gold on an authentic swing tag.