Ty Collector


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Ty family:
Beanie Babies
Style number:
Manta ray
August 27, 1995
Intro date:
June 3, 1995
Retire date:
January 1, 1997
ST gen(s):
3, 4
TT gen(s):
1, 2, 3


I'm a manta ray and my name is Sting
I'm quite unusual and this is the thing
Under the water I glide like a bird
Have you ever seen something so absurd ?


Sting is made with the same tie-dye fabric as Bronty (style 4085).


1. Sting with a white face.
2. Sting with a Pouch tush tag.
3. Sting with a Ringo tush tag.
4. Sting with a Tank tush tag.
5. Sting with a Valentino tush tag.

Counterfeit versions of Sting exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby:

1. The counterfeit version of Sting has filling in the wings which give it a puffy appearance.
2. The body of the counterfeit Sting is vase-shaped instead of oval. The head protrudes out more from the body than an authentic Sting which makes the fake Sting appear to have a neck.
3. The counterfeit Sting's eyes are wider apart and closer to the wings. An authentic Sting has its eyes further down on the head.
4. The counterfeit Sting has a 1st generation tush tag that is attached on the tail, close to the body and the wing. The tush tag on an authentic Sting is attached to the wing.
5. An authentic Sting has the year "1995" on its tush tag. The counterfeit Sting's tush tag shows a year of "1993."