Ty Cuddlys

Ty Cuddlys

Ty applied for a trademark on the name "Ty Cuddlys" on March 27, 2018. The name Ty Cuddlys showed up in the Fall 2018 Ty Retailer Catalog.

Based on the images of the Ty Cuddlys in the catalog; the Ty Cuddlys are rebranded Attic Treasures. Ty had reintroduced the Attic Treasures product line in 2017. Cuddlys in the catalog that shipped in September 2018 still had "Attic Treasures" swing tags attached.

Our best guess is that Ty will use up all of the remaining in-stock "Attic Treasures" swing tags before he starts using the "Cuddlys" swing tags.

The Fall 2018 Catalog states that Cuddlys are made with the softest plush fabric in the world from Japan, "TySilk-RCL".

The first Cuddlys to ship with the "Cuddlys" swing tags were spotted in late May 2019.