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Peace Beanie Baby (original)

Beanie Baby Peace bears are fun to collect because no two are exactly alike. Collectors normally categorize Peace bears by either "predominant colors" or swing and tush tag variations. The colors are sometimes categorized further as "pastel" or "vivid." Ty produced Peace Beanie Baby bears in China and Indonesia.

The original Peace Beanie Baby bears made in China have a baseline value of approximately five or six dollars. Even so, collectors sometimes pay more than baseline value for a specific Peace bear that has a predominant color or a color combination they like. Some collectors also pay higher prices for bears with Chinese factory mark numbers of 107, 108 or 113 inside the tush tags. The higher prices paid for Peace with one of these three numbers is surprising because there is no record of how many of any particular number were produced. That makes it practically impossible to determine whether or not they are truly rare.

Peace bears produced in Indonesia sell in a range between $10 to $35 depending on color. Values have been declining in recent years. There appear to be fewer active collectors specializing in Peace Beanie Babies who are still buying them.