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Significant People in Beanie Baby History

Beanie Babies and other Ty product lines might never have become as popular as they are without a dedicated base of entrepreneurs who took on the difficult mission of introducing Beanie Babies to the world. This small group of collectors and self-made Beanie Baby experts piloted the USA into a Beany Babies frenzy that still reverberates today, 28 years later.

They accomplished this feat by starting Internet information sites; writing and publishing books & magazines about Beanie Babies and other Ty products; periodically published value guides, formed Ty collectors' clubs, guested on radio shows, and some even toured the country to attend various Beanie Babies conventions, shows and expos. I congratulate these enterprising women and men who were truly the first social media influencers long before the existence of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even MySpace.

Becky Estenssoro

Becky Phillips

Janie Daniels

Les & Sue Fox

Lina Trivedi

Mary Beth Sobolewski

Peggy Gallagher

Richard Gernady

Rosie Wells

Sara Nelson (AKA Beaniemom)